Born from the love of a French couple living in Las Vegas for several years, Pretty Day specializes in capturing the most romantic moments of your wedding in Las Vegas.

Originally from France, it was in 2016 in Las Vegas that Vincent and Coralie met for the first time. Both originally started organizing weddings for French-speaking customers, with Vincent focusing on the Las Vegas theme and Coralie on Western style. After some time, they realize other than sharing the same profession they also share many of the same passions and values and after that decide to share their lives together. They marry in November of 2019… in Las Vegas, of course !

The Pretty Day ceremonies ? Fun, modern, romantic, and memorable. Before being a profession for Vincent and Coralie, planning dream weddings is above all a passion for both. For that reason, they manage the details with care: planning, ceremony, vows, photography, in order to make quality and consistency a priority and that their clients know exactly what to expect by entrusting them with this very important day of their lives.

Wedding Planner & Photographer Coralie

There is nothing more beautiful than doing what you love ! And each day I am lucky to do two of my favorite activities for work: photography and organizing beautiful weddings !

In my eyes, besides the celebration of a marriage, it is the special moments shared with family and friends that are most remembered. That is why I attach great importance to the quality of each wedding.

For me, a wedding in Las Vegas can be elegant, fun, bohemian, simple, or even retro. Whatever your choice, each memory should be just as beautiful ! It is this peace of mind that you get with Pretty Day.

The first time I discovered Las Vegas was almost 15 years ago, and I knew straight away that it was the place where I was going to live and work.

This extraordinary city is for me the symbol of freedom and also of American exuberance. I was lucky in 2012 to be able to create several companies here, to realize my American dream here, but also to meet the great love of my life.

But beyond this fabulous adventure beyond the French borders, I always felt that I was missing a little something… This feeling of being useful in the eyes of others. This is why, since 2017, I have had the great honor, granted by the State of Nevada, to be able to celebrate what is for many the happiest day of their lives.

Thanks to Pretty Day, I found the perfect setting to continue my journey and have the chance to meet extraordinary people, whatever their stories, their origins and what they are about.

Event Planner & officiant Vincent

Why choose us


We know the city by heart, and our service providers as well. We work together to meet your expectations.


We want your wedding to be unique, and right for you. Tell us more about you, and we will organize the ceremony of your dreams.


We have all the necessary authorizations and insurances to plan your ceremony for your peace of mind.


We love our job and we put our hearts into it. We are available daily to answer your questions.

Dedicated Planners

We manage your entire ceremony from A to Z. With us, you know what to expect.

We respond quickly

We know that entrusting someone with your marriage can be stressful ! We work quickly, efficiently and keep you informed at every stage of your marriage.

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